Currently Crushing (The Zen Edition)...

i've been stressed the eff out lately! so i thought i'd put together a little list of things that help me restore my zen!

call me a sucker for anything that's spiritual, emotional, delicious & pretty but hey... if i find it helpful then why wouldn't i spread the word :) 

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here are my current crushes for everything & anything ZEN:

if you haven't heard about Gabby Bernstein yet, you should get into her. she's write books, posts videos, guides meditations, does workshops & is an all around lifter of spirits, a spirit junkie- if you will. her video on making your own altar is great! i've slowly been compiling some small good luck charms, quotes, goals & things that inspire me in a little space where i meditate. try it, it's fun!

ever heard of mala beads? you can learn more about them here, but they are a string of 108 (a number that's significant in many ways) rudraksha seeds with many healing properties. i was given my Tiny Devotions amazonite mala as a gift & continue to gift them to friends and family! they are a constant reminder to live intentionally, be in the moment & duhh... they are as boho chic as they come.

if you ever talk to me about social media is likely i'll casually drop The Alison Show & how you should probably follow her. i'm like... boarder line stalker but am hardly ashamed of it. her How To Be Awesome series will make you laugh, make you cry & well, make you feel pretty damn awesome! her crazy & my crazy could probably be bffs. maybe even sisters. now go watch them & start feeling awesome! (also, check out her dance videos. they'll make you feel awesome too)

one of my favourite book of all time is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. if you haven't read it, now is the time. but if you don't have the time or want to go a little more in depth, you can watch him & Oprah chatting about it on Super Soul Sunday. no need for expensive cable either, it's a free stream online with the link above.

i love coffee, but i don't love what it does to my anxiety so i've limited myself to one small cup each morning for a pick me up but other than that... i'm ALL about the tea to get the through the day. David's Tea is the I'm a suck for Forever Nuts (hello candy in a glass with no caffeine or added sugar!) but i have yet to meet a tea from there i didn't love!

annnnd last but not least,

meditation on the go! i'm OBSESSED with the free (FREE!!!!!) podcasts from Meditation Oasis that you can download through the podcast app right to your phone! they have a meditation for literally... everything! pregnancy, anger, before a meeting, creativity... you name it, you'll find a 10-20 min meditation on it. i'm reliant on meditation. it helps me. it helps my body. it helps my mind. it helps my spirits. & if you think it's not for you... you're wrong! it's free & worth a chance.

now get your zen on!

mama in bloom// xo